NORDTEK, established in the 1930’s as a network of the five Institutes of Technology in the Nordic countries. Today the network of consist of 27 universities with education in advanced engineering up to Master level and PhD- education in the technical/engineering research field. Our members represent more than 120.000 students, teachers and researchers.

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Exchange of experience, collaboration and co-operation is the key elements of the network.


NORDTEK shall through exchange of experience, collaboration and cooperation:

  • Develop the member schools comparative strength.
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of Nordic Advance engineering education.
  • Maintain and strengthen the international position of the Nordic engineering research and research education.
  • Enforce the youth interest to study advanced engineering.
  • To be a potential Pressure Group. National, Nordic and international.
  • To represent the Nordic perspective in relevant European and International forums.


NORDTEK’s prime activities are Mobility program, the annual Rector Conference, Projects and Networks.

An important activity in the network is to initiate Nordic collaboration in new emerging areas of research and education. Areas with common interest among our member universities. The result is new specialized networks and/or new research collaborations.

We have a cross border perspective when establishing projects and use our member’s national network to recruit participants. Including participants from industry and authorities.

NORDTEK has a bottom up tradition and most of the ideas and proposals generates from discussions in connection to NORDTEK conferences and workshops. Meeting places for academia, industry, authorities and politics. See previous conferences here.

NORDTEK website (www.nordtek.net)

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